What Is Invest In Cyber

Invest In Cyber is a young, up and coming cyber company, based in England.

We bring the web industry the news, views and opinions of the experts and people who work in the world of e commerce.

Since 2017 we have been bringing the news to the finger tips of the decision makers and people who matter in the world – you.

Our readership includes interested individuals, IT professionals, business leaders, politicians, public bodies and more besides.

We reach out to anyone and everyone who has a stake in the industry – which is just about anyone.

No business, or individual can afford to be complacent in the fight against cyber crime and cyber security is something that we take very seriously.

Our writers understand the topic at hand well. With a rich and varied background between them, they span professions such as IT, web developers, business owners, entrepreneurs, researchers and former hackers!

We bring the news as it unfolds and see it from every angle. We cover the upcoming trends and next big events in the cyber world as they happen and bring it straight to your inbox, gift wrapped in an accessible manner.

You do not need a degree to read our articles and they are written in plain English, with any technical jargon helpfully decoded.

We are on a mission to bring awareness to the general public about all matters cyber security related.

Our beginnings were as a small scale blog, to fellow IT professionals, across the industry. Since then we have expanded to deliver news of all security issues in the IT world to anyone who wants to read about them.

We have come a long way from our days of being a couple of laptops, holed up in a bedsit, to a serious business with offices in Sheffield city centre.

And we are currently on the lookout for some bright young things to join our operation – see our vacancies section for more detail!

Your opinions matter to us and we would love to hear from you and all your comments – please email or Facebook us!