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The Pôle d’excellence cyber (cyber cluster) exemplifies Bretagne’s leadership in cyber security which has become a government priority.

The cluster was officially launched at the beginning of February 2014 by defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian as part of the Government’s wider cyber defence strategy. Bretagne Regional Council is also backing the development of a cyber security industry which comes under the Government’s economic recovery package for the region. The ability to defend against and counter cyber attacks, and to identify their authors has now become a sovereignty issue beyond the actual defence sector itself.

The cyber cluster’s vocation is to draw together the expertise from across the region. This refers to skills from education, research and technology, but also from economic development. The Pôle d’excellence cyber has had its research and technology budget tripled in order to provide greater support to SMEs and research laboratories in this field. In the Rennes area, training establishmentsSaint-Cyr Coëtquidan and ETRS, along with the DGA information management division are able to support the cluster directly.

The fields of technical expertise relating to cyber security: cryptology, micro-electronics, architecture for security equipment and for IT and industrial systems, analysis of soft and hardware etc…

The MEITO network has identified around 75 businesses working in cyber security in the region today: leaders such as Thales, Orange Labs, Cap Gemini,Alcatel Lucent, Sopra Group

There are also SMEs delivering technological solutions covering the whole cyber security value chain. 13 academic research teams working in cyber security including 7 in particular that work in cyberdefence (IRISA,       Lab-STICC,IRMAR, IETR, etc.)

The cluster can draw on the availability of high-level courses (Université de Rennes 1, Telecom Bretagne, INSA Rennes, ENSIBS, IUT de Bretagne,ENSSAT, etc.)

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