Key figures of cybersecurity in France

  • The market of cybersecurity ‘s growth is of 7% per year with a turnover of 50 Md€$ worldwide (source La Tribune 29/04/2013)
  • Until 2017 the growth is planned to be around 10% per year worldwide
  • 353.3 Md$ for the market of semiconductors
  • 1 488 Md$ for electronic systems
  • 140 Md€ for the whole european market of security in 2013
  • 40 000 jobs in France in cybersecurity
  • around 80% of a companie’s value is exposed in the cyberspace (Wharton School of Business and PA Consulting Dec. 2013)

Key figures of cybersecurity in Brittany

cybersecurity in westerne Frwork in progress