Author: Moses

This time, Windows 10 Mobile is dead and buried

The Windows Mobile adventure is officially and definitively over for Microsoft. As expected, the operating system will no longer receive…

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Phishing: SaaS and webmails become the primary targets

SaaS and webmail platforms have become the prime targets for phishing attacks. HTTPS protocol is massively diverted. The Anti-Phishing Working…

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Passwords and security online, bad consumer habits need to change!

Data breaches are getting worse, and our bad password habits are not helping. On the occasion of World Password Day,…

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Amazon merchant accounts siphoned off by hackers.

Amazon revealed that it had suffered an attack that had an impact on merchants using its e-commerce services. About 100…

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How Google makes its Sensorvault database available to US investigators

Sensorvault, a large database created by Google, has emerged as an almost indispensable tool for US investigators. But its use raises…

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Essential Web Hosting And Security Tips in 2019

In 2019 and beyond, it is critical that you make sure your website is always up and running when you…

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marriott hack hotels

The hack of Marriott hotels exposed 5 million passports in plain text

The hotel giant has produced the official numbers related to the massive computer hack they have face at the end of November 2018. But…

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facebook data leaks

Photo leaks on Facebook: how to find out if you are concerned

2018 was a very dark year for Facebook. While the pioneer of social networks seeks to maintain a family friendly…

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