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Essential Web Hosting And Security Tips in 2019

In 2019 and beyond, it is critical that you make sure your website is always up and running when you…

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marriott hack hotels

The hack of Marriott hotels exposed 5 million passports in plain text

The hotel giant has produced the official numbers related to the massive computer hack they have face at the end of November 2018. But…

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facebook data leaks

Photo leaks on Facebook: how to find out if you are concerned

2018 was a very dark year for Facebook. While the pioneer of social networks seeks to maintain a family friendly…

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Cloudburst: How A Cyber Attack Could Cost Your Business Its Livelihood

If you are running a small business and use a service like the Cloud (and who isn’t?) then you need…

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Four Data Security Mistakes Your Organization Is Probably Making Right Now

Did you know the foremost threat to the cyber security of your organisation is not actually from criminals or terrorists…

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